32.5x22cm Rectangular

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Livsstil Code: SB111
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Barcode: 506004732011

ABS Pottery Ltd 32.5x22cm Rectangular Dish code SB111 506004732011 from Livsstil the cookshop

This 32.5x22cm Rectangular Dish code SB111 from ABS Terracotta is just fantastic to use and to serve. Somehow food ALAYS tastes better for me cooked in these traditional terracotta pots.

This 32.5x22cm Rectangular Dish code SB111 from ABS is part of their range of Terracotta cookware. These pieces are suitable for Gas (You can cook directly on a flame) and Electric hobs (Not induction) Microwaves, Aga's and BBQ's, Dishwashers and freezers. The high quality glaze makes them virtually non stick, with no coatings to come off or risk of health damage. Before using for the first time soak them in warm water for at least 5 minutes, longer if possible. The open, rustic nature of the clay allows heat to disperse freely and allows their use on an open flame. Avoid sudden temperature changes, for example don't put hot pots onto a cold sink or drainer. Don't go directly from the freezer to the hob or oven. Be careful on ceramic hobs as these are a traditional, very rustic product and may scratch surfaces. The various marks, blemishes, glaze differences etc are a charming feature of this range and make every piece completely unique. I just love them! Seen in top quality bistro's and restaurants everywhere.